"And the seasons will change us new" -Blind Pilot

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A peacemaker.
Some would say
people pleaser
a softy
lacking a back bone
all of which feel a tidbit hurtful.
My attempts to bridge gaps quickly turns to b-grade patchwork.
Powerful pulls towards peace.
Strong aversions to confrontation.
Others try to protect, persuade and advise me
but deep down
I am a peacemaker.
Resilient roots.
Soft heart.
A persistence for commonalities
because you matter to me.

I'm bitter like whiskey your sweet like wine- tow'rs

Friday, January 6, 2017

The snow is settling into every curve and crack outside as I watch it fall from these warm coffee shop windows. My eyes strain as I attempt to focus on the white landscape that is slowly smudging any sharp definition there once was. I am cold to the bone, but feel a warmth welling up inside as I watch the snowflakes take their place among the scenery. The sun is shinning bright but shadowed with negative Fahrenheit digits. Can you really feel discomfort amidst contentment? How can a body experience such contradicting things at the same time and make sense of it?

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