"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved." — George MacDonald

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It is so easy to look at people and perceive their life in whatever way you like.
Strangers become acquaintances, acquaintances seem like friends and friends can become strangers.
The connection and interactions created through social media and quick encounters makes you believe you know a lot about a person.
We put pieces of our lives out there in the world hoping that people will interrupt these bits of us to align with our values.
We get to peer through just a window into someones world and in some strange way we feel a connection, an understanding for them.
Then from that small peer into their world we often place them into a category, presuming it truth,  "adventure seeker", "witty", "self-taught baker", "trendy", "happy"the list goes on.

You and I have the power to portray our lives any way we like through social media and quick encounters.
What really goes on deep inside ones heart is still unknown, unless shared.
What I struggle with is unknown, unless I have cried to you.
What makes me laugh is unknown, unless you have experienced it with me.
What my hopes are for the future are unknown, unless you have daydreamed with me.
I don't really like the power in making my life appear a certain way.
I want the real connection, the vulnerability, the innate nature to trust everyone.
But some depths of the heart aren't made for all encounters.
You would rather social media and quick encounters be your shield, your protection.
Because the trust to let someone into your heart sometimes feels like too big of a risk for a stranger.
We don't want to be judged, we don't want to be misunderstood, we don't want to be labeled.

Do we try to fulfill what these strangers, acquaintances and friends percieve us as?
I know I have.
Everyone wants to be understood, they want to jump out from behind that wall of perception, showing their truer self.
Others will try to define you, but don't let them.
Mix it up.
Instead write your own definition even if you are the only one who understands it.

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