Tuesday, November 8, 2011

(Scary Face Huh?!)

Imperfect?! Who me?! I know it's a shocker...not. This past summer my main focus was embracing my imperfections. Let me tell you, it's hard.
I mean is it easy to embrace the soft doughnut that has started to accumulate around my belly button? Is it easy to accept that sciences and school in general don't come easy to me? Is it easy to embrace that I am sometimes so uptight, like a tight ballerina bun? Is it easy to embrace the mosquito bites(as they say in India), my acne, that likes to pop up at the most convenient times?
No way, these things aren't easy to embrace. Since I have been in school, drowning in homework, this "embracing" idea has slipped out of my mind.
And I'm not OK with that.
Life is to good to let this stuff crowd and suffocate my mind.
I want to embrace my imperfections. I want to take those imperfections and learn from them, grow from them. I want to embrace those "imperfections", grab on tight until they like me and I like them. I'm going to let my hair down, take my makeup off (sometimes), and give school my all and then sit back and know I have tried my best.
Life would be so boring if we were all perfect.

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