Monday, December 20, 2010

Driving through the snow covered streets today I saw something that made me smile.
I saw little kids all bundled up, barely able to move their little stubby arms and legs. I watched these little tikes stumble overthemselves, racing to reach the top, only to jump on a sled and go all the way back to where they started.

It made me remeber when I was little and could barely wait for the first snowfall. I would climb into my jumpsuit snowsuit (if thats even the correct name) and wait "patiently" as my dad would tie up my snowboots. I would begin to get all hot and sweaty just sitting there waiting for my dad to give me the "ok". I would play for hours and hours outside never getting tired of climbing the same hill over and over again. My nose would run and I would just wipe it all over my face and all over my little gloves, but I didn't care... I WAS SLEDDING!

Today, I wanted to be out playing with those little tikes. I wanted to keep climbing and never get sick of the same hill. I wanted to be content with the same sled, same speed, same hill.

I think I am going to go sledding real soon.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today, I was missing my trampoline. I love the feeling of jumping and having your body forced into the sky. I like to look at my house and think I am springing as high as the the chimney.

Sometimes your legs buckle under the pressure, and it can feel like you will never spring back. But eventually we take little bounces that lead us to greater bounces! Even though we may go down sometimes, those downs just make us spring even higher the next time. The bounces just build on each other to make you eventually skyrocket!!! Sometimes, even someone else is able to shoot you high into the sky.

Lately, I have feelings of frustration, and confusion on where life is taking me. Am I in the right career? Is there more I can do to help out? Am I following my plan or God's?

Just keep jumping. :)

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