Monday, May 24, 2010

I have been taking baby steps.

I have been trying to figure out how my legs work... How life works.

I have taken those baby steps and now I am starting to run and jump, and loving every bit of it.

I am finding out that my legs are strong and can handle whatever comes my way.

I am figuring out life again.

pocket size.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Monday was just another Monday. The beginning of the week. Coming back from a weekend of fun and feeling exhausted.

But my Monday did not really end like every other Monday....

As I walked to my microbiology class, I saw a man out front of my community college passing something out to fellow students walking by.

My first thought.... "O man, I don't want to take a flyer from this guy and then have to find a place to recycle it or have it clutter my backpack with all the other random, pointless papers."

I tried to think really fast of a way I could avoid this man. Nope, no way. I was going to have to face him.

As I walked towards him he held out a pocket size, GREEN, book of some sort. He said something as his hand and the book were outstretched towards me, but I did not hear him.

The pocket size, green book had bold letters on the front that caught my attention, "NEW TESTAMENT".

This brought a smile immediately to my face and I reached out and took the pocket size, green New Testament Bible from his hand. I thanked him and continued on my way.

Then it occurred to me that I did not know why this man was passing these little New Testament Bibles out.
Throughout my class, all I could think about is why this man was there spending his time passing out these small Bibles. I knew I would not get a chance to ask him, because he only had a few left to pass out and my class was going to be longer then usual.

After class, I walked out a different entrance because I knew the man most likely would not be outside anymore. Minding my own business as I usually do, I started to text and then was quickly startled by a voice asking me if I would like a New Testament Bible. I quickly looked up with a big smile. This was a different man doing the same thing.

I explained to him that I had already received one, but that I was curious as to why him and his friend were outside passing these New Testament Bibles out?

He replied by saying, "We think that more kids need to read the Bible these days."
I was a little turned off by this reply.

But then he continued by saying...
"We don't expect these Bibles to change everyone or even affect them right now. We just hope that one day maybe this will help someone. Maybe one day someone will need this, and they will have one."

This answer satisfied me much more.

We talked a little more and then I thanked him and continued on with my Monday.

This stuck with me and actually is still sticking with me. Here were two men out, just hoping to somehow impact someone's life. Not preaching, not judging, not pushing. Just simply sharing a little pocket size, green bit of goodness.

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