Friday, October 23, 2015

you pull on deep shades of blue
one string unwinding colors of peace
fading streams of light
they say "it too shall pass."
and so I keep looking for a signaling sign
but the dark is too blinding
dreams won't scurry, morning is rising
soon I will have to open my eyes
lying my body down on the cool morning earth
feeling my thoughts heat up the unstable ground
glimpses of those old fleeting moments
the waves tossing in my heart 
Oh it's about time
to come alone and mean something
righting wrongs and dotting "i"s
yearning for a heart that echoes freedom
knowing these hollow bones can't float forever 
to feel as sure as my daily cup of coffee 
hoping that this morning is on my side
I'm starting this day with a hopeful laughter
Oh it's about the right time.


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