Sunday, March 29, 2015

My school days are coming to an end very quickly. It feels overwhelming like when I was a small girl sitting on the bathroom countertop learning my ABCs as my mom got me ready for school. It felt like I would never reach Z. The fear of not rising to the occasions felt so real. Now my ABCs come as easy as the decision between salty or sweet. It makes me chuckle now at the worry and anxiety I once felt, but here I sit in this coffee shop with the same feelings coming as quickly as the rising sun over my shoulder. I am continually learning and reminding myself that things will work out, patience is key. 
If I can be kind, put my best foot forward and find those simple pleasures in life that is enough to rise to the occasion. 


  1. Yep, it's going to work out. I SO relate to this right now, getting ready for Cambodia. But one day we will look at these days and wonder why we were so stressed. Ha! Seems unbelievable. We will reach Z one day and maybe even wish we could go back to the days we so naively believed we would never rise to the occasion because they were simple. Who knows?


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