"When we're connected to others, we become better people." — Randy Pausch

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ash and I were talking the other day about technology.
The role it plays in our lives, a big role, almost too important of a role.

Remember the days of landlines?
It was simple.
You had the 4 numbers that were important enough to be seared into your mind. 
Meet ups were easy; time and place.
We wore watches to know the time, day and month.
Expectations were limited, no one got upset with you for not replying quick enough.
Dinner dates weren't hunched over phones but rather hunched over from laughter.

I am taking the challenge to put my phone aside when surrounded by people.
It will be challenging, and I am sure it will take a deliberate effort.
But I am banking on the reward of connecting with those I am surrounded by in that exact moment to be much more fulfilling.
Attempting to capture the days of landlines.


  1. Ah I appreciate this. I've noticed less phone usage and it's been contagious. I love you so much Kate! Thanks for the good ideas!


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