A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patients and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust. . -Gertrude Jekyll

Saturday, April 6, 2013

This morning I woke up to meet my garden for tea and reading. It is a date that I have been planning since the day I saw the vision for this little garden. The birds and owl were already up with the morning twirping and whoo-ing to their own jams. I quickly threw on my favorite sweater of the month, gathered my books, because I can't seem to just stick to one and grabbed the largest cup of mint tea I could hold, knowing I would probably have to go back for a refill. I stumbled out around the corner to be greeted by my thrift store lawn chair. It sat their patiently waiting for its bright colored fabric and sturdy metal legs to be reclined in.
But first, I jump from stepping stone to stepping stone inspecting each row observing the exponential amount of growth that took place the night before.
The seeds are starting to strain their green leaves through the dirt. They look as if they are trying to catch a glimpse of the sun that trickily resembles a marine layer or fog coming off a river.
When they are seeds it's harder to recognize what they are going to be. The earth pushes against them and they push back. Despite that, it's inevitable what the seeds will become. You can't plant a carrot seed and get a tomato, although that could be fun, like a pack of mystery skittles.
They are what they are, there is no changing that.

I sit down in my lawn chair feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the knowledge and skill that comes with gardening, and I want to acquire it all. I want to know the in-and-outs of gardening now! Then I remember what my dad keeps telling me, it takes experience, making mistakes, success and patience to be a gardener. I hope the mornings spent in my garden will teach me these things.


  1. It will always take experience, mistakes and patience to be the best gardner. Aw, this was what I was contemplating today. I wish I could be there to inspect your garden with you and talk about life. I miss you so much! Thanks for sharing, Kate!

  2. Isn't it SO SO fun to watch seeds sprout and grow?! Oh man, I could watch plants grow for hours... and you think I'm joking. I really wish I could, or maybe it's just that I don't want to study :)

  3. Love you Kate - and it seem that it takes experience, mistakes and patience - to garden anything - especially the heart. xo

  4. Already they have sprouted that much?! Wow! I'm gonna need to get over there and see. :)


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