Thursday, November 29, 2012

My new kick is Instagram. I seriously see 10 things a day that I could take pictures of. I mean I put a link to it on my blog, thats how into it I am. Do I really think that everyone wants to see everything that I think is interesting or what I am doing?
I always find myself so into something thats new. It ends up being all I think about or want to do.
I just keep telling myself "I do what I want." I wonder when this will get old and people will be sick of hearing me say it?

Instagram on.

4 simple things

Monday, November 26, 2012

There were 4 things today that made me really happy.

#1 I got my bike up and running again. When I say "I" it actually means my friend Evan. I have been without a bike for a couple weeks now and lets just say it has been rough. I missed my avocado green bike taking me wherever my heart so desires. I don't have the skills/tools to fix my flat tires but Evan taught/reviewed me today and I feel pumped and ready to fix my bike all up. Also I got to see my favorite nephew, Jet! I got lots of puppy loving.

Jet Kinne Bike Shop
#2 I got to drive around with my windows down. The weather was perfect. It was sunny and bright with just a bit of crisp (like a good crispy apple) that hit my face. This weather is perfect for my basil plant too, because it has been needing some sun.

#3 My sister and I got gift cards to Panera Bread from our aunt for our birthdays. We went there today for lunch and I got a delicious (unhealthy) sandwich and soup. Later we went to dinner at PHO with some peeps and I got a big bowl of soup. YUM! And yes I ate it all! I always love spending time with Ash. She always makes me laugh and seems to always have the right words to say that make me feel better.

#4 Lastly Kinzie my friend sent me a video that made me cringe because it was so cute and laugh because it was so funny! I love those kinds of videos. This is the type of fight I want to be apart of, actually its more like dance moves that I want to incorporate into my choreography.

Popcorn Carpet

Sunday, November 25, 2012

This was our living room the other night. Typically this would have been me to make this big mess...but this time it wasn't. Kara decided to make us popcorn for dinner. As she was walking over to join me watching The Office, she proudly said "its finished" right as the words came out of her mouth down went the bowl. Immediately her face turned from a proud parent to an ashamed puppy who had just peed on their owners bathrobe. Sasha and I could not help the uncontrollable laughing. Kara eventually joined in too. We decided to try to salvage the popcorn and scoop it up and eat it.(we ended up tossing it after the 4th hair we found. Hint: we need to vacuum more.) But there was a little pile of brewers yeast left on the floor. I told Kara "thats going to suck to pick up tomorrow" Kara and Sasha looked at me with disgust/confusion all over their faces. "Tomorrow? we aren't waiting until tomorrow."The reason I said tomorrow is because I wanted to finish The Office right then. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Whats the problem with leaving a little brewers yeast on the floor? I mean it was eventually going to get picked up. The confusion all over their faces was because this is very out of character for me, I usually like things nice and tidy. But my thought this time was "what is the rush?" I don't know why I rush to pick things up or clean things up. It just stresses me out and makes me all anxious. I hate those feelings. Why not just finish what your doing and then when you have time it will get done. Everything eventually gets cleaned up, finished, turned in, shows up. 


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Words can be very powerful, but only when you can feel and sense the emotion behind them.
I hate empty words. The words that you can tell were carefully articulated and caged and controlled. Perfect grammar and complete sentences.
Give me a jumble mess of words that are composed by emotion. A letter that encases heart. Not words you can tell are written just because they feel obligated to be written down.
It's not words that let a person know you care about them, it is the emotion behind the words, the way you conduct yourself that lets a person know that you care. Thats what is powerful. Empty words on a page are unwanted.
How can you take them to heart when no heart was put behind them?
That is the beauty in letters, letting go and letting words flow to the river of your emotions.

My attempt to be festive

Thursday, November 22, 2012



Pre-Thanksgiving workout
Instagram: Cousins
Awkward Cousin Picture

Gabe and I 

Thanksgiving walk to shucks

Dinner Time
Aunt Linda and Gabe cooking

Add caption

Thanksgiving Nap Kara
Gabe and Sash playing Guess Who

Hot Tubbing

The Cousins

Scary Faces

Our Model Shots

Dad Ready for Charlie's Turkey Trot

Eric Setting the Pace

The Gang!! 


I hate it when you go to the bathroom in a department store. You would think that a big corporation would have enough money to make their guest comfortable and invest a bit in their toilet paper. But no they don't.
There I am sitting on the toilet attempting to pull the toilet paper off the roll. The toilet paper rolls are too big and too close to each other so they won't even rotate to pull toilet paper off. Then when you try to pull some off, the toilet paper is so thin that it shreds off in thin pieces that could be made into confetti. So there you find yourself with a hand full of confetti trying to figure out how in the world you are going to wipe.
Tough situation.
At that moment all I can think about is how I miss my toilet paper and wish I was at home in the comfort of my own home bathroom.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Thanksgiving break... so that calls for a Tim Tam party. Tim Tams are seriously little cookies that make your taste buds feel like they have gone to heaven. We wanted everyone to experience this so we had a Tim Tam party! It was nice to have our 2 bedroom and pantry home filled with all different people. To be honest I didn't know half of the people who were standing in my home, but it was fun to meet new people and watch them try to figure out how to do a Tim Tam Slam.
 It is always awkward when you are waiting for someone to try something for the first time, you stand there staring at them waiting for their reaction...It's never what you expect. It is easy to expect a great reaction when you think something is so amazing. Like when I give a gift, I usually think "OH this person is going to love this!! They are going to go crazy!" but....they never do. I shouldn't expect a reaction from people when I am probably the worst at being excited about things like that or getting presents. I am always so unsure about everything I get right in the beginning. It could be something I have been wanting but I act like I am all hesitant and not really sure that is what I want....when really it is. It is so awkward receiving presents. It feels like you have to put on a show and half the time the people can tell. I think it is usually more exciting to give a present or watch someone try something you love then actually receive one or try it yourself. 
My mom once told me "don't have expectations and then you won't be let down, you can only be surprised." 
Instagram picture
I know I will still get excited about giving someone a present or having them try something for the first time. But I will have an understanding that I might not get the performance I paid for.

Our Chalk Board

Sash and Contessa

Ash doing her 1st Tim Tam Slam

The Kinne's

Kara Coaching Neil


Well used living room

Life lessons

Monday, November 19, 2012

Throughout my short life I have been given little tid bits of advice, lessons learned from all sorts of people around me. I feel so darn lucky to have these people a part of my life.

Dad- My dad probably taught me the most useful lesson...Hook shot. I remember my dad and I out in our driveway on our half cement half gravel court. I remember him telling me that the hook shot was his favorite shot and telling me about all the legends who used it. He would line me up and would have me practice this shot over and over again. He would tell me it was a hard shot to defend if the shot was executed right. This shot has come in use many times when I have played one on one and am not quite tall enough to go up straight against the defender.

Papa- My Papa always was full of advice. I remember ridding in his big skin colored pick up truck bouncing around the backroads of Northport. He would always start by saying "you know Kate" when that phrase came you knew something important was about to be said. He told me that if you ever see screech marks off the road to slow down because there might be black ice. I can't tell you how many times I have seen screech marks going off a road and have always slowed down. Or one time I was talking his ear off and he looked at me and asked "do you ever stop talking?" I immediately stopped talking and slunk down into the rough pickup bench. He then turned to me and said "you know Kate don't ever stop talking, thats a good quality." I got right back into talking his ear off.

Mom- Put yourself in someone else's shoes. This is the lesson my mom ingrained in my head. She was constantly pushing me to step outside of myself and try to look through someone else's eyes. She also taught me the importance of presentation. My mom is a huge gift giver which I have inherited as well. Every time she makes anything she always wraps it so nicely it makes you not even want to open the present. Even when she serves breakfast she puts everything in dishes, the syrup can't be poured from the bottle it has to have its own bowl with its own cute spoon. She takes the time to make everything look so nice, never cutting corners.

Ashley- I look up to my big sister a lot. I think any younger sibling does. Ashley has taught me many things but I think the lesson that has been most beneficial is not caring what anyone else thinks about you. She used to tell me "no one can argue with you if you just say no." That has always been difficult for me especially being a people pleaser. Ash stands up for herself, doesn't let anyone walk over her. Even when we were younger she was the queen, never settled for a role less than that. She doesn't settle.

Aunt Shelly- No shame. This best describes my aunt. She is rarely embarrassed and often offers herself for embarrassment. Think of your most embarrassing story and imagine telling it to a room full of people.... this is my aunt. Most of the time you are cringing and just praying that she will stop talking but in the end she has everyone laughing and offering up their own stories. Her "openness" makes others around her feel welcome and not judged. If there is anyone who is able to laugh at themselves and their embarrassing moments it is my aunt.

I hope someday I make it on someones list of wise people. I want to offer this world some advice. Some advice that sticks like these people's advice and lessons have stuck with me.
Mom, Dad and Ash

Mom, Nana, Auntie Shelly 

Keep Your Hair Long

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yesterday I got a letter from my Nana. Inside she had stuffed cute pictures, hopeful quotes, and heart warming stories.
This morning when I got out of the shower a note was sitting on my bed. My roommate had left me a heart-felt note with this quote at the end....

 "Keep your head up, Keep your heart strong, keep your mind set, keep your hair long." -Ben Howard.

Sash said this is one of her new favorite songs and I would have to agree.

Sometimes you feel like your alone, then someone makes a simple gesture to remind you that your not.

This music video is great... I wish I could be in it. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

If you read my blog at all you will see that I have had a pattern in my writings lately. I am discovering things about myself and who I am.
It hasn't been the easiest process.
It takes time.
Just like nurturing my front lawn. I water it morning and night and hope that grass will grow.

Last weekend some friends and I decided to go and pick out a movie from RedBox. Being the decisive one has never really been my role, until lately. I figure if I have an opinion why not speak up and say. So that is what I did, I told them "that movie looks bad." "no don't want that one" on and on. Finally a friend turned around and gave me the 'you are crazy' look and said something along the lines of "wow you have an opinion tonight." I took that as my opinion was no longer wanted so I retreated to looking at the sale specials in the front of the store. I washed my hands of the situation. Later that same friend told me I was grumpy that night and asked what was going on. I didn't feel like anything was going on I just felt opinionated in that moment.

Sometimes I think it is hard to accept change not only in ourselves but in other people too.

I know people change. I think people are constantly changing. I think people are capable of changing for better or worse.
Just recently my own views on many different issues have changed.

It is interesting how you can tell a person that you believe one way on issues and over time maybe your opinion changes but you feel like you can't change your view on that issue from what you initially said. 

Don't know if that makes sense or not....but it does in my head.
I don't know why I have felt that way in the past, maybe pride, maybe trying to be consistent, maybe trying to appear like I am a stable good person. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind after you have already stated something else. Why do I hold on so strong to what I first said, when I am questioning all along what I really believe in my head.

Changing your mind shows growth, acceptance that maybe you were wrong or realizing that maybe something else is better.

Change is never easy, accepting your wrong is never easy, accepting new views on life is not easy.

Opinions Change, Views Change, People Change.

p.s Our grass is

Changing faces

What A Day People!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You know when you wake up in the morning and you have the thought, "ugh this is going to be a rough day."? well, I woke up feeling like that this morning.
I drove myself to Sbucks to study and when I walked in those welcoming doors I decided "this is going to be a good day, even if I have to fake it."

I ordered myself a fancy latte vs. the brewed coffee I usually get. That sure cheered me up, funny how food can do that. Probably not the best thing. ha

Later that day I didn't feel like sitting in chapel listening to someone preach to me. I decided to skip (we get 2 skips a quarter) and go play basketball. I haven't played basketball in a while. It felt so good to have that ball in my hands and walk onto that court. It is a feeling I have really missed. On the court next to me there were a whole bunch of older gentlemen playing. When I say older I mean OLD. It made me smile so big. I was so impressed to see them out there using their old school moves. I wanted to ask them if I could play. I feel like I could have kept up and maybe learned some old school moves.  I loved this little community of older men meeting up weekly to play basketball. I want to be apart of it, I just don't quite make the cut, not old enough or male.

But the day just kept going at a good steady pace of fun.

Em and I were planning on going on a walk but then Em had the brilliant idea of blading. (roller blading for those of you who are not familiar with the lingo.) We strapped on our blades and hit the pavement. We decided it would be a good idea to go into the parking garage and make our way to the very top and ride down. The whole time we were blading around I kept picturing/pretending us creating mayhem. It just seemed to fit blading in a parking garage, it seems like thats were all the trouble starts.  I couldn't help but think of the movie BRINK A disney movie about kids who skate. Well we made it to the top only to be greeted by a security guard who informed us we needed to get out of the parking garage. Then I really felt Bad-A for getting kicked out of a parking garage.

Then I finished the night off with a good dinner at In-and-Out with my good friend Kinzie. It really hit the spot indulging in my grilled cheese and fries. YUM!

My bad gut feeling day turned out to be a pretty exciting day. I want everyday to be like today.
Instagram Pic

I'm so excited my forehead wrinkled

Em getting ready to do some tricks

Em wanting to hold my hand

The oldies but goodies basketball players


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We are surrounded by a striving society.
Striving to finish school.
Striving to be the best at whatever sport.
Striving to have lots of friends, to have people like you.
Striving for approval.
I think it boils down to wanting the best for yourself.
Its natural to want the best for yourself.

But, this thought of wanting to be more also means that your not enough now.

Really all you have is now.
All you have is yourself in this moment and what you have to offer.
When will we stop being hard on ourselves?
Stop the striving.
Stop the negative thought patterns.
No one is ever going to give us the approval we are looking for.
We will never reach that ideal image in our head.
Once we can accept what is, then we will be ideal.

Because right in this very instance, we are enough.

80 is the new 24

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Recently I have been talking to my friends about old people.
 I tell them "I can't wait to be an old person!"
"They don't care what anyone thinks about them."
"They wear whatever they want and say whatever they want and people just look at them and think "oh they are old, its fine."
I told my friends I am going to start living like I am an old person.
Maybe I will skip the part about not doing much or taking up the hobby of knitting, and card games, but the attitude is what I want.
I just think old people are so beautiful!

Its true some changes do take place that aren't always easy to accept....
Bodies get old... and wrinkly.
Boobs start to sag down past your belly button to the point where you could tuck them into your pants with your shirt .
Smile wrinkles start to form around the corners of your lips and eyes.
Your hair turns grey like the leaves turning in the fall, it starts slowly and then one day you wake up and all the leaves have changed their color.
Exercising has a whole new definition.
Beauty eventually disappears.

But a whole new type of beauty is able to shine through.

This beauty is something that is cultivated over time.
Its experiences that softens the heart to open up.
Smile lines define a life filled with laughter and happiness.
Grey hair shows the worry and mistakes of life but now offers wise advice.
Wrinkled, scarred, sun spotted hands show the adventures of a life lived.

When I am older I am going to look back and nod my head in approval (maybe even a pat on the back or high five) that I didn't regret anything, that I lived and experienced all there was to live and experience.
Living like I'm 80 is liberating, freeing to just be.
I can wait to be old, as long as I have the mindset of an 80 year old now.

Color Run


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kati, we, a couple of your friends, LOVE you. We've hi-jacked your blog and wow, you sure didn't make this easy, but we did it!  It's your 24th birthday and we wanted to tell you that we really LOVE YOU! We love how honest you are, how creative, how a bit wild, and thoughtful you are. We hope this space continues to be a place where you can write a good and honest story.  LOVE YOU!

"It's better to feel pain, than nothing at all"- Lumineers, stubborn love

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sit with it.
Invite it to stay for a little bit, but only for a little bit.
Feel it fully.
Accept it for what it is.
Don't numb or ignore what it tells you or makes you feel.
Then ask it to kindly leave.
You no longer need its company.
And then continue to sip your tea and read your book.


Friday, November 2, 2012

I have been thinking about all the chaos that is happening on the east coast.
I can't imagine having my home destroyed.
Not having a car to transport me where I want/need to go. 
No way to cook a meal or a bed to curl up in. 
Living in the unknown of what is to come.
How are people managing over there?
How is this affecting families?
If I am worried how are family members dealing with this?
In all the chaos, loss, heartbreak its amazing to see how people come together to help. 
It seems that when everything is striped away from people, that is when they are able to be vulnerable.
They are able to reach out to those around them and connect. 

They have nothing else to loose. 

It frustrates me that I don't know how help. 
I am so far removed from what is going on that I don't know how to help. 
People say to pray but that seems like such a cop-out, an excuse to ease the mind. What is my prayer going to do? 
could give money, but that doesn't feel any better. 
I don't want to ignore what is happening but thats what I find myself doing, I don't like it. 

"I've Been A Victim Of A Selfish
Kind Of Love
It's Time That I Realize
That There Are Some With No
Home, Not A Nickel To Loan
Could It Be Really Me,
Pretending That They're Not

"I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror,
(Man In The Mirror-Oh
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways

-Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror

Someone Offering the Power they have to let people charge their phones

A Dr. offering free medical services

A dog Shaggy being rescued from his home

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