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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A feather floated down and caught a ride on my windshield today.
I didn't mind giving it a ride.
I actually enjoyed looking at it and wondering what bird was missing its feather. It was a petite feather which makes me think it was a petite bird or baby bird. It was a soft grey with delicate edges.
I feel like that bird could use that feather since it has decided to become fall down in SoCal.
The bird probably doesn't even know or miss the once attached feather.
It's odd how you can think something is so important, but then when it is gone you don't even realize it. It is only when you see something familiar or find it, that you realize it was even missing.


  1. Mm, isn't that true. There are a lot of things I lose and never know. Well... until I find it or see something similar. Sometimes I want to get rid of everything and start from scratch, only keeping what I really need. Then, I think I wouldn't lose so many things. Thanks for sharing! You're a really good writer Kate. I love reading your posts.


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