Thursday, September 20, 2012

There are some hearts that are rare to find. My mom has one of them. 
She is completely devoted to the people in her life, she would do just about anything for them. My mom is continually thinking of ways to show the people around her how much she loves them. She is the one who taught me to "place my self in someone else's shoes." Her heart is able to feel what other people feel, whether that is excitement or hurt. Her heart is soft but tough, she doesn't give in to a challenge. My mom's heart accepts anyone, doesn't matter what you have done. Our family is lucky to have someone with such a heart. When you find those rare hearts you don't let go.

I think my aunt sums up my mom nicely. ( this is a Facebook post my aunt had.)

"This is the life my sister saved yesterday ( picture of a turtle.) She found this water turtle on the sizzling road miles from water! His new home is a beautiful pond..He loves it! Teri does this all the time.. She has a cat she found with a broken back, her dog is a "seeing eye dog drop out" and her other cat looks odd but can't remember what's wrong with it. I'm afraid I would have passed that turtle and thought good luck buddy.. I want to be like my big sister!"

Happy Birthday Mom! 


  1. So sweet. You got your mom's sweetness! See you tomorrow!!!:)

  2. Ah! I like your mom a lot! :) You have similar qualities! Love you Kate!


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