Tuesday, November 8, 2011

(Scary Face Huh?!)

Imperfect?! Who me?! I know it's a shocker...not. This past summer my main focus was embracing my imperfections. Let me tell you, it's hard.
I mean is it easy to embrace the soft doughnut that has started to accumulate around my belly button? Is it easy to accept that sciences and school in general don't come easy to me? Is it easy to embrace that I am sometimes so uptight, like a tight ballerina bun? Is it easy to embrace the mosquito bites(as they say in India), my acne, that likes to pop up at the most convenient times?
No way, these things aren't easy to embrace. Since I have been in school, drowning in homework, this "embracing" idea has slipped out of my mind.
And I'm not OK with that.
Life is to good to let this stuff crowd and suffocate my mind.
I want to embrace my imperfections. I want to take those imperfections and learn from them, grow from them. I want to embrace those "imperfections", grab on tight until they like me and I like them. I'm going to let my hair down, take my makeup off (sometimes), and give school my all and then sit back and know I have tried my best.
Life would be so boring if we were all perfect.

looks like spring... kinda

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring is here! I always feel like it is officially spring the day of Easter. Maybe it is because of all the bright colors and tulips that are neatly lined up in people's front yards. I love tulips, they are my favorite flower. They are a simple flower. Not much to them, but their colors are usually radiant!

I volunteer at a memory care center. These people make me smile. At times it is hard when they don't remember you from the previous visit, but that just gives us a chance to get to know each other all over again. There is this one guy named BOB, he tends to act out in aggression towards everyone, but his wife. I love to watch them interact, he just gives her the biggest smiles and sits there and holds her hand. I often wonder what these people were like before their memory was lost. Some of them I imagine were hilarious and others were really sweet. There is a lady named Delpha and she was showing Jacob and I a picture of herself, the picture was probably taken 2 or so years ago, this is what she told us " My sister brought me this picture from when I was in High School." She later called herself a beauty in the picture. I loved to see that she still thoughts she was beautiful even at an old age. Which she is. :) These people have so much to them than what you first see. Which is the case with most people. You just have to wait to see these glimpses of who they are.

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