Monday, October 4, 2010

First week of school over. I struggled, rushed, organized, studied and attempted to get back in the groove of school.

The weekend came and went... fast. I mean faster then a chetah running across some desert somewhere in the world.

Today I had my first clinical orientation. We were in a nursing home.
Ever since I was little I have always felt uncomfortable and hated to go in any nursing home. I use to panic when the idea of visiting my great grandparents in the nursing home would arise.

What random persons lap was my mom going to put me in? Who is going to try to introduce me to their "children" who are actually baby dolls? Who is going to scoot/ drag their feet to pull themselves in their wheelchair closer to you?

These are the images I have from nursing homes.

Today I was uncomfortable. I felt sad. I couldn't stop thinking about the people I saw and their lives.
Once they were young. Once they hoped for love, then maybe they found love and had a family. They lived full lives.
Some filled with mistakes and accomplishments, lessons learned.

They are just trapped in these bodies that are wrinkly, that nature has gotten a hold of and now are growing old with each day....but some of their minds are still young. They still live, love, and have something to contribute to our society.

I bet there is something I could learn from them.
Im sure life went speeding by just like a chetah.
Some probably wish they had slowed down to enjoy the little things.
To enjoy your friends and family.
Not to stress over the little things that won't even matter in a week.

Take each day as it comes.
Take chances.
Actually LIVE your life.

This is my focus for this week.


  1. i want to work with grammies and grampies... this literally brought tears to my eyes. i want to add color to those nursing homes right now!

  2. i give you 2000 bonus points! this is meaningful stuff.

  3. you are good at seeing people kati winkle.


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